Made it to Fontana Dam! Video is kinda short. Didnt take a lot of video. Though I do have pics! 

On to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park! Should have another post when I get to Hot Springs, NC. 

Trail magic right before Cable Gap Shelter! Thank you, Kiki

Another view of some peak I was on. 

Cold as hell!

Wish I had a person for comparison but they were big rocks!

Going down into the NOC after a pretty big storm. 

Wesser Shelter

Me losing my mind

Some of the damage from the forest fires of 2016. This was on top of Wayah Bald in NC. 

Fire watch tower on Wayah Bald. Roof was burnt off during the 2016 fires. 

Pano from Wayah Bald

Arrived at Franklin, NC

So, im taking a zero day (no miles day) here in Franklin. Hope to recover the knees a bit. I plan to be at Fontana Dam by Saturday to resupply for starting the Smokie Mountains Sunday. Well here are some pics and vids of the short trip to Franklin! 


On the Georgia and North Carolina boarder

Gnarly tree

Bear things 

Nice little pano 

100 miles!

Too bad it was too dark for a photo that morning but it looked like an igloo later

Week 1

Little starter video to recap the week. 

A little bit of everything besides snow happened so far. Was given the opportunity to set up my hammock in the cold rain! Lots of fun doing that. Besides that just busting out those miles everyday trying to get these trail legs established. 

Currently in Hiawassee, GA and heading to Franklin, NC next. 

Amicalola Falls

Approach trail not even on the AT yet. 😫

Top of springer mountian. Official start of the AT. 

A white blaze if you’ve never seen one. 

First night at Hawk mountian campsite

Bear bag hanging

Top of some mountian in GA

Top of some mountian in GA again

Hiking friends from left to right: Herc, Ontario, Monkey, and Magellan (me)

Went from Low gap to Deep gap shelter walking 21 miles in a day. 

3 Days Remaining

This is going to be home starting Saturday!

Went with a Zpacks Arc Haul pack to hold all my stuff. Really light weight pack and highly customizable. Along with the pack I’ll be hammocking in a Warbonnet Blackbird hammock with Enlightened Equipment quilts. All in all, very happy with my gear choices but wont know for sure till I start.

Here is a link to my gear list if interested. Gear List

See you all out on the trail!

T-Minus 11 days

Almost a years worth of prepping and planning is almost at an end! Very excited to start the thru-hike that I have been wanting to do since I was in high school back in 2005. Though I choose to enlist in the Air Force instead and put my aspiration of completing a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail on the back burner for the time being. After 11 years of active duty I am ready for a change of pace. I feel the need to keep things changing in life and try not to stagnate doing one thing for too long.

Now to my joy, after seeing that my enlistment was coming to an end at the beginning of March I saw a golden opportunity to attempt a thru-hike before college begins in August! Though my backpacking experiences are fairly limited, I do have some. The Chugach mountains (see pic) when stationed out in Alaska was where I started getting a lot of my multiple day hiking experiences. Granted those were just onesie twosie day hikes. Nothing on the scale multiple months over thousands of miles. Sadly I only took a hand full of pictures and wrote nothing about those adventures besides a post or two on Facebook.

So, I decide to start a little blog/journal here on WordPress to keep an account of my journey that I can look back on later in life. Also to share my experience with family and friends as I hike the trail. I’m sure they would love to see myself get chased by rabid skunks and lose a fist fight with a bear. To wrap this odd backstory/justification up, I plan to just been sharing some my personal experiences while out on the trail and to share any knowledge I acquire along the way.

March 4th start at Amicalola Falls, NOBO