Bangor, ME

It’s over! I can go home now! 

Wow, what a crazy time it has been these past four months. Met amazing people, visited interesting towns with even more interesting and fascinating people. I think that is what I will miss the most, is those people and the routine I became used to.

Not sure if another long hike is in my future anytime soon but, I will update this blog if I do. 

Thank you everyone for your support! Enjoy the final video. Hopefully the Hans Zimmer is not too over the top!

  Porcupine traffic in Maine is crazy!

Going into Maine

Second 2000 mile marker. It changes a little every year and they dont remove the old signs. 

Top of Bigalow mountains. 

On top of the Bigalows a plaque dedicated to Myron Avery. 

Katahdin in the distance from somewhere in the 100 mile wilderness. 

Took only 4 days for us NOBOs!

Katahdin from Abol bridge. That would later turn into a thunderstorm. 

View going up Katahdin 

View going down Katadin

Gorham, NH

It’s late and i am trying to hurry up and post something to share with you all!

The journey is almost at an end. Only Maine remains. Very excited to finish and get back to society for the most part, haha.

I’ll write a bit more when it’s not so late but, enjoy the photos and videos.

Damn birds not staying for an interview. The rattlesnakes were more cooperative.

Rock garden

Rock garden

Prom photo with the hiker buddies.

The steam cog rail engine!

Bear and I getting some leftover lasagna at Lonesome Lake hut.

Manchester, VT

​​​So, thanks to all the friends and family that took time out of their days to fatten me up and keep me company! 

Its been wet wet wet these past few days. Turning the trail into a muddy hell hole. Which in Vermont they specialize in mud. Stepped in some mud pits that went up half way up my calf. That and the gants are unrelenting! Even the DEET does nothing! 

Bugs and mud aside its been beautiful out here in New England. Hope this video helped capture some of the amazing views I have seen from Connecticut to Vermont. 

Interview with Porter the cat at Barrington Brewery in Great Barrington. 

The gnats and mosquitoes are no joke here!

Had to laugh when seeing this poster in the shelter. 

Tower on top of Greylock.

Shays rebellion

Mass border

And CT border

Very hard to read unless you zoom in but, this is the summit of Bear mountain in CT. 

1500 mile mark


Favorite view in CT

Cornwall Bridge, CT

Made it to CT with lots of videos, pictures, and crazy snake encounters! ​Pretty much since my last update I have been running into at least three snakes a day and two rattle snake encounters. One of those encounters I was able to get an interview with one of the rattle snakes! Sadly he declined to comment on any questions.

Besides snake encounters it is good to be out of rocky Pennsylvania! New Jersey was short and sweet. New York was not so bad at first but, I soon found out that about 26 miles of it was very tough! A lot of hand and feet rock climbing with very precarious descents on the other side. That compiled with 90°F weather and very little reliable water sources made it a very long and arduous day. The rest of the state was fine except for the swarms of gnats and mosquitoes which continued on into Connecticut. Not much to say about Connecticut right now. I still have about 25 miles left in the state which includes Bear Mountain.

All that aside it feels great to make it this far and I will be taking about 6-7 zeros to spend time with my mom and go to a pig roast in New Hampshire as I mentioned in a previous post. After which I will be back on the trail and making my way through the final states of Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and, Maine. Which contain some formidable areas such as the White Mountains and 100 mile wilderness.

​Snake Interview! (no my hand was not holding the camera)

Boarder crossings

View from the top of the Blue Mountain Ridge.



Someone has a lot of time on their hands to stack all these stones by a pond in New Jersey.

Found a flag set up by some Boy Scouts on top of a mountain in New York.

Old boarder marker I assume

Sign says it all


Duncannon, PA

​​Made it a good bit through Pennsylvania! No big peaks till i get up to New England but, no lack of big rocks to step on and climb over.

Planning on getting to CT a couple of weeks from now. Then a lot of zeros for hanging out with my mom and going to a pig roast in NH with my friends the Comeau’s.

I do not think I will have a post till that time though. See ya then!

Found a flat spot on the AT!

Guess this was an old half way point for the trail.

Cute little camp site. Almost like it should be a painting when walking by it.

Lost my leg. Much sad, very pain.

Completed the half gallon challenge! Ate all that ice cream in one sitting! Im good on ice cream for awhile.

Back in the North!

Very incorrect sign.

Best map of the AT I have seen. Located at the ATC center in Harper’s.

Harper’s Ferry, WV

Made it to Harper’s yesterday as of this post! New state and the end of the Virginias. Undecided if I will “zero” here or not.

Did some big mile days to get here from Waynesboro in 6 days. The first 5 days going like this; 34, 37, 28, 29, 29 miles. Then a nice 10 mile into Harper’s on the last day.

The Shenandoahs were awesome! Very hot but, still happy to be able to hike through them. Also smart person whoever decided to put wayside restaurants right near the trail! Had some good dinners and breakfasts before ending my days.

Well next time I post I’ll be out of the South and over half way complete!

My first night in the Shenandoahs I slept in this laundry room. The campsite up the hill did not have the water turned on and all the bathrooms were locked. So I wandered further on to a closed camp store but, the laundry room was still open with running water.

Trail Magic! Thank you soo much for the apple and jelly beans! Been awhile since i had fresh fruit. Sorry that I could not remember their names.

Terrible ride. Would not recommend. 2/10 stars.

New state!

Old church in Harper’s

Waynesboro, VA

Well a lot has happened these past ten days! Made it through most of Virginia but, not without some really nasty weather. Was overcast and cloudy for most of the days and frigidly cold for two of those days. 38-40 F temps with 35 MPH winds and heavy rain one day. Suffered from some mild hypothermia and the tips of my fingers still are somewhat numb and tingle. 

All this wet weather made every stream on the trail a small river. Most of the trail was also flooded as well.

Still made the miles though even with the weather. A lot of anger toward the storm and never being able to get dry! I still took my time to get some videos and photos.

My pee is slowly working its way into the gulf of mexico

McAfee’s Knob. Sucks the weather was terrible.

You can see Roanoke in the distance.

Longest foot bridge on the AT

Pano of Hump ridge or something

House used to be here